Religion: A tool of history or just a simple belief?

I come to ask myself if religion is good or bad in some hands. I will show many examples and articles of religion. How people act due to religion, and in the wrong hands it is a tool. But to me, as a 22 year old American, religion is just a belief, not necessarily a way of life. But I did not grow up where religion was the only way to look about this world. But it is just a belief a standard set of morals to live by or not to live by.

I would also like to be discussing a story over a women, a daughter, being brutally murdered over just a rumor of her burning pages of the holy document known as the Qu’ran. To me this incident is a great example of how religion can make people go over the top, doing such crazy, and unlawful things. All threw history though, religion is a main cause, and scapegoat for violence amogst others. Here is a video, and song, that to me really sums up a great point of holy wars.

I really enjoy this song, and video, though is is graphic for a cartoon, it says a lot. Starting at the beginning of man, Then fallowing man, as we progress through war, and violence to what we not experience in this day of age. All of the murder, and wars, all over land. Land that is claimed to be given to the original clan by god himself. The land is a holy land to all cultures and religions. Yet they all commit sin, and immoral acts over what was claimed as a gift by there god.

9b6 religion_and_war_cartoon

You never can leave out good old political cartoons when it comes to discussions over religion. Shows how religion, better put this world is so hypocritical, but in a comedic way.


Here we see a photo of the women who allegedly burned pages of the holy book known as the Qur’an. A video is posted on the CNN news article, along with another video on the Washington post of the women being buried by loved ones. It is hard to believe that people did such cruel and evil things to another human, all over the rumor of her burning, simply some pieces of paper.

I think that this political cartoon works perfect with the incident of the women being brutally murdered over accusations of her burning the Qur’an. I say this because, it shows a figure, most defiantly it is god creating the human population. He says “religious fanatics” and how he will just let the whole thing evolve. I point this specific comic out because the murder of this women was so savage and ruthless. So against westernization some cultures are not able to progress as a human race. The incident of murdering the Afghanistan women is something that would have been done over religion back in B.C. times. With no thought, no compassion, no sense of right and wrong. Going against what morally and sensibly makes a person “good” all because of the fact that this copy of a holy document was damaged. Though the religion is important to the people of this culture, it should not be the case that this text is held higher over a human life.


Going back to the  Qur’an. Makes me wonder, and also realize, about the amount of power the text holds. Looking more into incident involving the Qur’an and death involving the text. I come across another article or story involving deaths, and U.S. forces in Afghanistan burning copies of the Qur’an.

After reading over the story’s over U.S. soldiers protesting and burning another religions holy documents, really makes me think how much different we are when it comes to protesting. As you can see in the political cartoon I have posted above, we as a culture, the U.S., hold our own beliefs among others. As others do the same to us. So others burn our flags, and our texts, as we do in the same. In this world it can really go both ways. To me religion is almost a cause to most of the violence in this world. Also religion could be considered a great scapegoat, as to take over land, resources, and to gain power. But I am no beating down on religions, I am catholic myself. I see many great and good that religion brings, it is just bad in a crazy persons hands.

I would like to say though, the saying for gun and gun violence can work also with religion. “Guns don’t kill people, people with guns kill people”. I agree with that statement. I compare it to religion, that religious beliefs do not kill people, but people who take religion to extremes and use it kill people. By saying this I mean religion is a tool in the wrong hands. If a person knows what they are doing, they can claim land in the name of their own religion. Commit genocide in the name of religion. Practically destroy countries and innocent lives in the name of religion. All has happened before, and still is to this day.

Watching this video in my world religions class with Dr. Peterson gave me some great point to think about. Watching this video after reading over how the Afghanistan women was murdered over a holy document, just a copy, started making me think. With the story fresh in my mind I began to write in a note book, after the video discussed the wars between Muhammad followers and the city of Mecca.

I came to think that how religion is a history to many counties, and is all intertwined. Such as here in the U.S, as we take oath over a bible, or “God bless America”. But many other counties are much older than the U.S, many of those counties are located in the middle east. It seems that religion is a much bigger part of history to the middle east. As the countries in the middle east were built by religion, fought over religion, claimed to be holy, and wars formed over religion mainly take place in the middle east. The Qur’an and religions is the history of middle eastern countries as the Bible and constitution is to me and the U.S..

cartoons_05'Evidently, You promised the Promised Land to too many people.'

I have a theory, well more a hope, that as the world progresses, religion will not be the soul history of countries, and ways of life. The U.S. is such a newer country in the existence of the human race, so in comparison other countries were more solidly founded on religion and religious beliefs. Back again to the article of the women burning page of the Qur’an, falsely accused. It seems the Qur’an is so important, and that they acted to savage and barbaric, because the Qur’an is all they know in a sense. That holy text helped create there world, and form there way of life. Holding a higher standard than a neighbor.


Religion holds such a large part in some life’s, from murders, to a way of dress. Some government laws fallow religion. Like in the cartoon above, some women must cover they entire body, or body parts. If not they are breaking the law. Also can be considered immoral. I really enjoy this cartoon the most. Because is really shows the difference between the middle east and western countries. How moth think the same thing. One is showing off her body, for attention, and because the man population enjoy this. So she dresses as she does, revealing, for the purpose of pleasing her culture. But the same is to the Middle east, women hide there body, almost as respect. Reason being to me is some see the women body as so beautiful, that is disrespectful for others to see, beside s the husband or father of the female. Moral are father behind the reasons for hiding the female body.

holy war“Mideast Hamas Gaza Israel” Jeff Koterba July 31, 2014

I would like to say in conclusion, and yes this is cheesy. That the human race can evolve and come together, and find peace, world peace. Evolve from the barbaric ways of public murders over religion, or conquering land in the name of god. Religion is a tool, is a good and bad way, it is good by setting standards for morals and goals. Making a person better and giving some a crutch. Also a very evil tool, with genocides int he name of religion. The taking of land, claiming it to be their rightful holy land. Man has been fighting since the beginning of time in the name of religion, now it is a bit more advance. I just hope we are not still fighting in the year 2050 in a apocalyptic world. But odds are that we will be. Religion is a belief in some hands, but in others it is just a tool, sadly used as a weapon.


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